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Morné Basson


Beloved Son of the most high God

Motivational Speaker

Endurance Athlete


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Do everything to take you towards your goal

"Everybody wants to get to the top of Table Mountain in the fastest way by using the cable car... Unfortunately, life is sometimes hard and filled with many uphills and struggles along the way. Once we learn to understand that by climbing up the mountain, we might struggle more but we get to see and experience so much more along the way. Once reaching the top the reward is so much bigger and better" - Morné Basson

Motivate Believe Inspire

As one of the crazy challenges for 2021, Morné will be climbing Table Mountain up and down for 72 consecutive hours. He will do this to raise awareness and to create a platform for people suffering from depression.

Contact him should you want to join him. You can do that once up and down the mountain as part of his challenge or maybe even for the entire event. Challenge yourself - set a new goal...

You don't have to suffer alone. Join Morné on his next live webinar and get inspired.

Its OK not to be OK! We can fail, but we are never allowed to quit...

Details and sign up form is on the MBICARE page.

Meet Morné Basson

Owner of MBIHealth 

Motivational Speaker, Endurance Athlete, Brand Ambassador, Entrepreneur, Mentor.

Morné Basson is a normal guy with a passion for people. He strive to make a difference by showing people in practical ways that anything is possible once you set your mind to it. His motto is "knees on the ground, head up high, one day at a time".


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Phone Number: +27 72 7269528    /     Email:   

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Morné wrote his first book "YOUR BODY YOUR BUSINESS" back in 2013. Since then, many good and some challenging things happened... Fill in your details to get your free copy today! Once you've read the book, feel free to share your thoughts and lessons from reading the book with Morné. Also be the first to know when his next book will be available. 

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